Call for papers: 3D archaeology

3D archaeology: the scientific future of documenting the past

Call for papers, EAA2014 session

Jeroen De Reu (1,*), Wei Chu (2) and Bernard Frischer (3)
(1) Department of Archaeology, Ghent University, Belgium.
(2) Department of Archaeology, University of Reading, UK.
(3) School of Informatics, Indiana University, US.
* Contact e-mail address:

The application of 3D recording techniques in archaeology has drastically increased in the last decade. These techniques have documented a wide variety of sites, features, and artifacts, from entire archaeological landscapes to monuments, rock art, and impliments.
This session will examine the scientific value of the 3D recordings. How can a 3D recording be used as an analytical tool for archaeology, as opposed to a means of simple visualization? It will focus on how 3D data can aid in the study and interpretation of archaeological heritage and how it opens new research opportunities that have been difficult or even impossible to investigate through traditional recording techniques.
The goal of this session is to discuss the new possibilities (and limitations) of image-based/range-based 3D reconstruction in the study and interpretation of the archaeological heritage. Ultimately, we aim to discuss how its application can improve the quality of the archaeological research.

Paper submission form
Call for paper and poster proposals will be closed on 27 January 2014.

European Association of Archaeologists
20th annual conference
10-14 September 2014
Istanbul, Turkey

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