More on those footprints

The oldest footprints outside Africa, approximately 800,000 BC. Digitally preserved for the future through image-based 3D modelling.
3D recorded by Sarah Duffy, York University…

Mike Pitts – Digging Deeper

Sarah Duffy/York University Sarah Duffy/York University

These extraordinary images of one of the best preserved Happisburgh footprints were sent to me by Simon Parfitt. They are snapshots from a rotatable 3D image created by Sarah Duffy at York University with MeshLab software. They were only recently finished, too late for the journal and press images.

James Miles and Hembo Pagi used MeshLab for analysing the 3D photogrammetric imagery of Hoa Hakananai’a; we’ve now had three peer-reviewed articles on this study accepted, and they should all be published later this year. When made with high resolution photos, photogrammetric models seem to have significant advantages over the more traditional 3D laser models, not least because they contain real colours.

Nick Ashton’s blog at the British Museum has an interesting discussion, with some good responses to evolution-denial.

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One thought on “More on those footprints

  1. One advantage of photogrammetry is that each image pixel has a mathematical relationship to image pixels in subsequent images.

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