Our primary aim is to set up a workflow for an accurate and efficient 3D recording of the archaeological heritage, in particular archaeological excavations, based on image-based 3D modeling. The research investigates:

  • Field recording strategies to optimize the archaeological data collecting,
  • Computer-vision technology to generate 3D models of excavations,
  • GIS-integration of the 3D excavation data,
  • Presentation of the (3D) archaeological excavation to the public.

The project started in February 2013 at the Department of Archaeology of Ghent University and is conducted in close collaboration with Ghent Archaeological Team bvba (GATE). Financial support is provided by the agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT).


For more information or inquiries, contact dr. J De Reu or fill in the form below. We get back to you as convenient as possible.

2 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. Great site, as being interrested in all things 3d i’ll be watching this on a regular basis…..I’ve been experimenting with Agisoft (I also own a David 3D scanner) and I can compare it with a Faro Focus 3D i’ve worked with. And the first scans are quite convincing I must say, in some use cases the Faro and Agisoft are quite compareble in others (interiour spaces for instance) not so. But in some cases Agisoft leads (for instance if textures are needed) or if you have to make a manifold mesh for 3D printing. Scene 5.2 does a lot, but uses Meshlab in order to make a mesh out of the pointcloud and that means serious hardware needed, while Agisoft runs on a budget PC without to many problems (went south of 100 photo’s and still got amazing results in minutes not hours). The more photo’s the more points in the standard point cloud the less need for upressing into the dense point cloud is needed to get a pretty detailed mesh (if I can see insects on a wall I think I have enough res :-)). And the great benefit, instead of shlepping around a 48.795 euro contraption I use a standard DSLR……okay, people look trange at me when I scan facade, but I can live with that!

    Greets, Ed.

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