Beernem ‘Meerbergstraat’ (2013)

Development-led excavation by GATE bvba at Beernem ‘Meerbergstraat’ revealed traces of (Late) Medieval occupation history. Only one archaeological feature was image-based 3D recorded. It concerned a circular feature, measuring approximately 2.84 by 2.28 m, characterized by a dark, organic and gradual infilling. The feature could be interpreted as a well, and based on the ceramics it was dated in the 12th-13th century. The well was 3D recorded at three time-intervals, i.e. in surface, in section, and in section with palaeo-ecological sample (see illustration).

The results of the palaeo-ecological research are published in the 2014 edition of Archaeologia mediaevalis (in Dutch).


The 200,000 faces 3D model of the well in section can be explored below.

Medieval well (click to view in 3D)


Medieval well

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