Ruislede ‘Bundingstraat’ (2013)

At Ruislede ‘Bundingstraat’, GATE bvba conducted an archaeological evaluation by means of trial trenches. The 8.75 ha terrain will be developed into an industrial zone. As a test case, 23 trenches (with a total length of approximately 2100 m) of the 53 trial trenches were documented by means of image-based 3D modelling. Orthophotos were derived from the 3D models to evaluate their value as excavation plan. All models have a georeferencing RMSE below 10 cm, and the texture resolution is sufficient to recognize all the archaeological features in surface. To produce the 3D models, we took more than 3900 photographs (almost 1 picture each 0.5 m). The camera was handheld used. Although the results were very promising, we will aim to pursue a more efficient recording strategy to document trial trenches.

The image below shows an plan of the 23 trenches and four details of the orthophotos at scale 1:25.


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