Hire us!

Hire us…

… and help us guarantee the continuation of our research towards the efficient application of image-based 3D reconstruction in archaeology …

We offer…

… everything related to imaging and image-based 3D reconstruction of archaeology and heritage, including:

  • Aerial photography; for documentation and/or survey of archaeological sites and excavations [read more].
  • Image-based 3D reconstructions of excavations; ranging from single features, over surfaces and soil profiles to large-scale projects.
  • Image-based 3D reconstructions of artifacts.
  • Image-based 3D reconstructions of landscapes and environments using aerial imagery.
  • Image-based 3D reconstruction of rock art and graffiti.
  • Processing of raw data and support with use and publication of 3D data.

… the output of this work includes aerial images and high quality photographs, georeferenced or scaled 3D models, digital surface models, orthophoto’s and plans, vertical ortho-images, digital drawings, 3D GIS models, and much more…


For more information or inquiries, contact us by filling in the form below. We get back to you as convenient as possible.

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