Aerial imagery

We offer our services to collect vertical and/or oblique aerial photographs (and videos) of archaeological excavations, monuments and landscapes. The aerial photographs we provide are ready for publication (e.g. overview photographs of excavations) or analysis (e.g. feature detection in aerial survey).

Examples of the work we did include:

  • collecting aerial photographs in the framework of an archaeological survey (the example shows an image of an aerial survey conducted in Monnikerede (Belgium) in 2015 by Ghent University).


  • collecting overview photographs to document archaeological fieldwork (the example shows trial trenches in Watou (Belgium) in 2014 by GATE bvba)..


  • collecting overview photographs to provide a bird’s eye view on archaeological features (the example shows the excavated archaeology in Arnemuiden (the Netherlands) in 2014 by WAD).


  •  collecting aerial photographs to catch the atmosphere on an archaeological dig (an example from Watou (Belgium) in 2014 by GATE bvba).



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